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Kid Cudi Announces WZRD The Album

Gisteren kondigde het Amerikaans hiphop talent Kid Cudi aan dat zijn nieuwe album naar de naam WZRD luistert en de officiele release date gepland staat op 30 Januari 2012, de verjaardag van Scott Mescudi. De How To Make It in America-soapie doet het de laatst tijd ook erg goed op het witte doek. Naast series is Mescudi ook veelvoudig te zien in Hollywood blockbusters. Op het album zullen vooral veel rustigere nummers te vinden zijn die het leven van Mescudi en zijn alter ego’s omschrijven.


News update! Me and @DotDaGenius are no longer called 2 Be Continuum. The world will call us W Z R D, which is short for WIZARD. The title of the album is still undetermined. And heres the biggest news, the official release date will be January 30, my birthday. Had to push it back to get the proper time to mix and master, want it to sonically be where it needs to be. For your smoke sesh enjoyment. Were gonna release a snippet of the first single soon. You will be pleased. Ladies, your gonna have something to shake those booties to. Also, the WZRD album does not contain any profanity or the usage of the word “nigga”. A universal album for everyone. Haha man some of yall really upset theres no profanity?? You know songs can be written with out them right? Some of yall listen to so much ignorant shit that thats all you know or are accustomed to. My fans are smart, I know yall better then this.

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